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A Day in My Life (2021 Update)

July 29, 2021jingzhichua

Time flies! I shot my last ‘A Day in Life’ video two years ago.

Since then, plenty has happened, including a pandemic.

As with the situation, my routines have also changed. And so, I thought I’d do an update.

This video is slightly different compared to the previous one because I shot most of it myself. One of the things I learnt through the pandemic is that self-scripting, shooting, and editing is not that difficult.

It may sound time-consuming and daunting at first, but it’s a learning process. This means you’ll eventually have to start somewhere, there’re always areas you can improve on, and there’ll be plenty of fun in the process.

Compared to the last video, there’s also more call-to-action this time round. Mainly because my company is now working on more projects. So check it out and let me what you think!

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